We always have a large number of products ready for delivery due to our well-stocked warehouse. Because of good and thoughtful planning, we realize the logistics for you and ensure a reliable delivery worldwide. Even with individual inquiries, we can react fast and try to convert the desires of our customers promptly.


Every single product meets highest quality standards and is the result of passionate craftsmanship. By using European wood and a quality control of all our products, we promise that you will have a lot of pleasure with your Klawe-product.

Tradition and Performance

Gustav Klawe founded the G. Klawe GmbH in 1931. In over 85 years of tradition we have grown into an international producer and supplier of quality kitchen wooden items and wooden promotional items. The experience through many decades has been instrumental in the further development of our products in terms of quality, functionality and design. Each wooden product manufactured by us is unique in shape, drawing and color and is used not only in the private but also in the professional sector (restaurant, kitchen). 

Wood – an individual material with tradition and future.

  • We care for quality
  • We offer a fast delivery
  • We answer your questions
  • We have an efficiant complaint management
  • We are glad to be there for you!

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